we make our Fruit brandy

all a question of timing

The art of reduction. The best recipes are written by nature. That is why our fruit brandy is made from one ingredient only: fruit.

Combined with passion, knowledge, patience, care and attention to detail, we produce fruit brandy of the very highest quality without compromises.

It all begins with selecting the fruit, but distilling is by no means the end of the process. Instead, our brandies are left for many years to settle and mature into exquisite distillates which are strong and full-bodied, yet at the same time fruity and delicate.

fruit quality

only the best is good enough

The art of nature. Fine brandy results only from fine fruit. That is why we apply exacting standards in the choice of our raw material. After all, not every apple or berry is suitable for making outstanding brandy. We use both cultivated varieties such as the Wachau apricot and the rare Gravenstein apple as well wild-growing fruits such as the wild raspberry and the sloe plum. These are sourced from areas where the conditions are ideal for that specific variety to grow and ripen to perfection.

Every apricot, every pear and all other fruit we use stays on the tree or the bush right up until the point when it reaches its maximum sugar concentration. This approach can take several weeks and demands great patience from us and our fruit growers, for not all fruits of a single variety ripen at the same speed. However, healthy, full-bodied fruit is and remains the only basis for an exquisite brandy, so we are happy to watch and wait.

We have known most of our fruit growers for many years and share a common passion for the finest quality. When growing and ripening conditions are poor, we collectively hold our breath. If the crop does not meet our exacting standards, we may decide to make none of a particular variety that year. But in good years there is nothing like the feeling of picking the fruit when it is perfectly ripe and full of flavor. That is the stuff distillers’ dreams are made of.


natural transformation of fruit sugar


The art of transformation. Attention to detail and absolute cleanliness are essential from start to finish. This goes for both the harvesting and the processing of the fruit. Once sorted and cleaned, it is then mashed and placed into special vats.

Within just a few hours natural yeast on the fruit’s skin starts to transform fruit sugar into alcohol in a process known as natural fermentation. This could be accelerated using artificial yeast, but that would be contrary to our principles. Instead, we leave the mash to ferment in a 100% natural way. Only then are we able to fully preserve the pure fruit flavor.

This is why we never add anything to the mash – it would interfere with the natural fermentation process and have a negative impact on the final product.




The art of concentration. Once fermented, the fruit mash is twice distilled in our copper pot stills following an old Tyrolean tradition.

This process of transforming the fermented mash into fruit brandy takes time and must be carried out as slowly and gently as possible. It is the alcohol which carries the rich flavors that must be preserved during careful distillation.

The first run produces what is known as the low wine. This is then distilled a second time to extract the actual distillate – the so-called ‘heart’ – requiring a combination of intuition, expertise and experience. This ultimate step determines whether the best mash will actually result in outstanding brandy. And, of course, the distiller adds his own personal touch to each variety and vintage. To produce one liter of the precious heart we use up to 80kg (175 pounds) of fruit.



patience is the key to a fine fruit brandy

The art of waiting. We give our brandies time. Lots of time. Because we know that patience is the key to a fine fruit brandy. Our distillates are left to mature in glass balloons for up to ten years, giving the flavors the chance to fuse with the alcohol and create a delicious balance. Throughout this process we make regular checks and enjoy following the maturation process of each distillate, year by year.

Over time a certain proportion of the alcohol contained in the distillate evaporates. This is known as the angels’ share. Furthermore, alcohol and fruit flavors combine and balance to a harmonious unity during the long maturation period. These two developments result in a much smoother fruit brandy full of finest fruit flavors: a true Rochelt.

Leaving the brandy to mature for so long also means that we can minimize the amount of additional spring water, resulting in a crystal-clear distillate full of fine fruit flavors that linger on the palate long after drinking. As original Tyrolean tradition demands, Rochelt brandies requires no filtration – a process which would compromise the quality of an distinguished fruit brandy.

Our brandies are left to mature in glass balloons for up to ten years.

“The quality of a distillate is partly a result of its careful maturation, the age of a fruit brandy.”


„Mit­entscheidend für die Qualität eines Destillats ist die behutsame Reifung, das Alter eines Schnapses.“


what we believe in

our ten principles


we use only 100% ripe fruit from the best growing regions.


we cooperate closely with our fruit growers to coordinate how we work.


we ensure absolutely sterile conditions when processing the fruit.


we leave the fruit mash to ferment naturally.


We distill the fermented mash as slowly and gently as possible.


we leave our brandy to mature for many years.


we regularly taste and inspect the brandy throughout the maturation process.


we never filter our brandy.


we strive to produce brandy which is both strong and smooth.


we guarantee that Rochelt fruit brandy is 100% natural.