Artists and alchemists have one thing in common: both take something which already exists and transform it into something new. We have devoted ourselves to the art of transforming the finest fruit available into exquisite fruit brandy. As a family-run business, we are passionate about preserving this centuries-old Tyrolean tradition. From selecting the fruit to distilling the mash and topping each bottle with one of our decorative stoppers, we believe in quality without compromise.

In the knowledge that it is only possible to produce outstanding brandy by using first-class fruit, we select the finest varieties from the best growing regions. Our fruit is harvested at maximum ripeness and left to ferment naturally. Once it has been gently distilled twice, the brandy matures slowly over several years in order to bring the full flavor of the fruit to its purest form. That is the essence of traditional fruit brandy from Tyrol.

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classics, rare varieties and cuvees

the bottle


our Fruit brandy comes in a special bottle

With its shimmering green glass and striking shape derived from the traditional Tyrolean “pincer bottle”, the Rochelt bottle is unmistakable in both form and color.

Our modern version of this centuries-old design is made by glass artist Alfred Ecker from Innsbruck and demands the same level of creativity and attention as the fruit brandy itself. After all, we believe that a truly special product deserves truly special packaging. Our distinguished bottle embodies the tradition of Tyrolean glass craftsmanship and ensures the authenticity of our brandy.


THE RIGHT brandy in the right glass

Because the shape of a glass influences the taste of its contents, we have developed our own tasting glass. Specially designed for our strong and fruity brandy, it has a tulip-like form which contains the bouquet in the glass while the palate benefits from a truly amazing concentration of fine fruit flavors. Each one is handmade by local glass artist Patrik Winkler in his workshop in Kufstein, Tyrol.

sipped, not tipped

Instead of tipping our fruit brandy down all in one, we recommend enjoying it sip by sip with great attention or even filling the glass only half-way (1cl). After a fine meal, serve Rochelt fruit brandy at room temperature – only then is it able to release its full flavor and soothing effect.

“It is not enough to be different without being better”




product range

distiller’s reserve – outstanding vintages

Just as every harvest is unique, so is every variety and every vintage. In some years nature blesses us with exceptional raw material for outstanding fruit brandy. This best of the best forms the basis for our Distiller’s Reserve.

These brandies are left to mature for more than ten years, longer than our other varieties. They are kept stronger in alcohol to reflect a truly exceptional vintage – a unique drinking experience for fruit brandy enthusiasts.

Our Distiller’s Reserve fruit brandies include two Rochelt tasting glasses designed to accentuate the character of these outstanding vintages.

product range

THE SILVER pocket flask

A precious item of lasting value. Made from pure silver and produced in a strictly limited edition, our elegant silver pocket flask combines fine craftsmanship with timeless design. Each individually numbered flask is crafted by German silversmith Hermann Bauer in his workshop in Schwäbisch Gmünd. The current edition comprises only 50 pieces. Upon request each flask can be engraved with personal initials.

product range

The glass pocket flask

Enjoy the taste of Rochelt fruit brandy on the go. The glass pocket flask has the same characteristic shape and color as the full-sized brandy bottle but is smaller in size and has a slight curve that allows it to be easily carried in a trouser or jacket pocket. The stopper doubles as a small shot glass – or why not follow tradition and drink straight from the bottle? The refillable flask holds 100ml and is available in ten different fruit brandy varieties.

product range

small tasting bottles

With so many different varieties available, choosing a Rochelt fruit brandy can be a tricky decision. Our small tasting bottles (40ml) are an ideal present and a convenient way to get to know our broad product range. We offer 21 different varieties or three tasting sample sets with seven bottles each.

  • Tasting Set I

  • Wachau Apricot

  • Black Elderberry

  • Wild Rowanberry

  • Wild Plum

  • Gewürztraminer Grape

  • Morello Cherry

  • Der Inntaler

  • (Quince, Williams Pear, Wild Raspberry)

  • Tasting Set II

  • Wild Raspberry

  • Blackcurrant

  • Williams Pear

  • Mirabelle Plum

  • Orange

  • Muscat Grape

  • Kasteler

  • (Wild Rowanberry, Williams Pear, Plum)

  • Tasting Set III

  • Red Williams Pear

  • Quince

  • Gravenstein Apple

  • Sloe Plum

  • Basel Cherry

  • Plum

  • Hollermandl

  • (Williams Pear, Black Elderberry)